My First Startup Journey, Part 1

January 14, 2016 adviz startup india meteorjs

Wait Ted, what? Your startup?

If you asked 10 people what the word "startup" means, you'd probably get just as many different definitions. To many college students, it could mean "an extensive tech project that I've spent very significant time on and can see being something more". And isn't that really the same thing as a pre-funding startup?

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The 2015 Internship Journey

December 19, 2015 internship amazon SE PM

The Hunt

This year, like many third-year students, I've looked exhaustively for "the one" internship that's supposed to crown your junior year or even your college experience in general. It's been an arduous grind, but 21 interviews later, I've signed with Amazon to spend my 2016 Summer as a Software Development Engineer Intern. I've learned so much in this process, and I think some of my takeaways will be useful for others.

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Adding Tags to Jekyll Now

November 14, 2015 code github jekyll markdown

Jekyll Now

I thought I'd start off by writing about something fresh in my mind: the technical aspects of this blog! I've decided to use a static page blog using Jekyll and hosted by Github. In addition, I'm using a out-of-the-box solution called jekyll-now. I've chosen Jekyll for a variety reasons, but the main ones are:

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Hello World

November 13, 2015 code github jekyll markdown


Hello! I've decided to finally creating a blog after kicking around the idea for a while. I've chosen to use Jekyll and host with Github; we'll see how well this works. I'm still learning Markdown and how to masterfully customize Jekyll, but am liking what I see so far! I'll hopefully be posting on a semi-regular basis about everything from software development to random projects to new tidbits that I think will be interesting or useful.

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