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Reachability Visualization: 31x31 Pursuit Evasion

These visualization demos are part of a research project in the Hybrid Systems Lab at Berkeley, by Ted Xiao and Jaime Fisac. The visualizations demonstrate an interactive and intuitive way to interpret reachable sets, in the context of pursuit evasion games discussed in this paper, presented by Jaime Fisac at CDC 2015. The final visualization is in Iteration 10, but previous versions are shown below as well. In addition, visualizations for the Pursuit Defense Evasion game, an extension of the Pursuit Evasion game, are shown below. The code for all these visualizations can be found on GitHub, here.

Iteration 1 Iteration 2 Iteration 3 Iteration 4 Iteration 5
Iteration 6 Iteration 7 Iteration 8 Iteration 9 Iteration 10
11x11 4D Visualization 21x21 4D Visualization